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                What to consider when choosing a cake:

How many people are you serving? Wedding cake servings are based on a 1"X 2" slice. Slices will be tall with three layers of filling.

What is your design? This is what impacts price more than anything. You are paying for time, skill and artistry,  and materials on each of our handcrafted cakes.  

Fondant or no Fondant? Some designs can only be achieved with fondant which is basically a sugar dough icing. It can be rolled out and shaped like clay. It is edible with a vanilla flavor. 

  • Consultations are scheduled for one hour and for up to 4 adults. You and your guest(s) will have the opportunity to sample our cakes, fillings and icings followed by an in depth consultation.

  • Bring any pictures, drawings or inspirations to help assist in designing the cake. 

  • ​Have fun! This is a great place to start building your dream wedding cake. Following your consultation you have the opportunity to order your cake or review your quote which is valid for 30 days. All cake orders placed within 30 days will save 15%! 


Starting at $3.25/slice for buttercream and $4.25/slice for Fondant

Cake Tastings by Appointment 

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Our wedding cakes are not only a delicious dessert but also a centerpiece.  From the simple and elegant to the grand and ornate, we can make a cake that reflects a couple's style and personality.